Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hindustan Times - Banana News

Hindustan times recently carried a news report about thisand another blog.
It was one real shoddy article( not that we expectedanything better from these coloured rags that masqueradeas national newspapers).

this statement from Naxal Revolution Team
Now, how about we get the Facts right ?1.This blog was not started in October but in June 2006 while Naxalwatchwas started way back in November 2004.2.Naxalwatch was not started in response to Naxalrevolution but the other way round.We just got tired of listening to the lies of liars.3.Naxalwatch has some relation to IPCS - Institute of Peace and Conflict Studiesa new delhi based think tank and is not connected to the anti-naxal authorites.The person who regularly updates Naxalwatch is a RSS agent.And now the disclaimer , which the reporter choose to ignoreeven though it is placed in the right side index and has high visibility.DISCLAIMERThe views expressed on this blog are personal. We do not claimto be a representative voice of the views of any organizationwhatsoever. We are not responsible for the content present on thelinks that go out from this blog.Presence of links on this blog, to websites of certain political organisations/persons do not imply endorsement or affiliation.This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes andis not connected to, nor does it support or condone any particularorganisation or movement. Information published on this blog isreproduced from various public domainmedia and academic sources.If you find any content objectional or offensive please getin touch with us through email.
this statement from Naxal Revolution Team


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