Friday, November 17, 2006

Naxals vow revenge for Dalit family

Nagpur : The Khairlanji killings of a Dalit family set off a wave of public outrage in Vidarbha, but also unleashed a political storm over the lack of justice to the Bhotmange family.
What's really worrying the police is Naxalite involvement now.
Violent protests, arson, lathicharges, bandhs and curfews - Vidarbha has been in turmoil for the last two weeks over the killing of Bhotmange's family. The police has been looking for answers, all in vain.

This was before a letter written by the Maoists arrived.
Says IG, Anti-Naxal Operations, Pankaj Gupta, "This letter has come on the letter pad of the CPI (Maoists) This more or less confirms that this is a definite effort on the part of the Naxalities."
The letter condemns the Khairlanji incident and calls upon everyone to join the Naxal agitation against the government and for Dalit rights. All those guilty in the massacre case would be killed, it warns.
The C-60 Anti-Naxal Squad is now on high alert in the region.
"We have put everyone on alert. The letter's contents are not to be taken lightly. They are advocating inciting inciting people against the government."
Dalit leaders are not amused by the letter or by the insinuations being made in its wake.

Says Congress MLA, Nitin Raut, "It would be irresponsible to assume that all the Dalits in India are a part of the Naxal movement."
The state police is taking the Red letter as a clear cut warning and is prepared to tackle any threats, but Dalit leaders are condemning allegations and are instead blaming the police for violence across Vidarbha.
Justice for Bhotmange now for sure has snowballed into a major controversy.


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