Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tech Madhu will surrender: Jana

VIJAYAWADA: Home Minister K Jana Reddy on Friday indicated that Naxal activist Tech Madhu and his wife Sridevi were planning to surrender to the police.The Naxal couple, involved in manufacturing and transporting of rocket launchers to Maoists, have approached the government through some mediators indicating their willingness to give up.“They have approached the government and we are talking through the mediators,” Jana Reddy, who briefly halted at Kaikaluru enroute West Godavari district, told reporters here on Friday.He said the Naxal couple could surrender in a couple of days. He said the media was trying to blow up a simple issue. “The government has been adopting a three-tier strategy to tackle the Naxal menace and making key Naxals surrender and join the mainstream is a regular process,” he added.The Home Minister, who participated in several programmes in Denduluru, Gopannapalem, Talla Gokavaram and Pedavegi in West Godavari district, further said the construction of 48 per cent of the police quarters have already been completed and the remaining quarters would be completed by the end of the year.Earlier, he was received at Kaikaluru by Eluru MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and Kaikaluru MLA Yerneni Raja Ramchander. He also went to the residence of Denduluru MLA Maganti Babu.


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