Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mad colour- police !

Mad colour- police !
Aurangabad: It is nothing but poolish ! An image makeover is on in Bihar's Aurangabad district which has been a hotbed of Naxal violence.
The district town is being painted pink to boost its sagging morale and people here are hopeful that this new colour will lift people's spirit and bring down the crime rate.
“The colour pink might help in maintaining peace,” says a resident of Aurangabad.
“This is being done to beautify the city,” says another local.
This is a brainchild of the new Civil SDO of the town, Arvind Kumar Singh, who's just returned after a trip to Jaipur.
Inspired from the original pink city, he introduced this campaign with the slogan "Pink Aurangabad, Green Aurangabad; Clean Aurangabad, Disciplined Aurangabad".
"We want to make our city a pink city. It will help instill a positive attitude in people here,” says Singh.
Though people in the city were reluctant initially, they're now convinced that pink will counter red terror.
It's not clear how painting homes and offices pink will bring down the city's crime graph but people are certainly taking to this unique idea. It is nothi but polish !


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